Videos: Discussions and Customer Reviews

Here you can find further discussion of the details of the personality assessment process and the reports by Dr. Peterson, as well as spontaneous customer reviews from YouTube broadcasters.


With Steve Hilton

Dr. Peterson on Understand Myself and Self Authoring - with Steve Hilton.


Radius Unknown


Radius Unknown


Dr. Peterson analyzes Steven Crowder live

Comedian, actor and political commentator Steven Crowder has a million YouTube subscribers. He bravely volunteered to have the results of his personality assessment broadcast live, suffering the slings and arrows that came with the revelation of his strengths and weaknesses. It could have been worse :)


Zuby Music: #RealTalkMondays 25

YouTube broadcaster Zuby Music reviews his personality results for all to see (or hear). He's very conscientious and resistant to stress (the opposite of neuroticism). Look carefully at the background of his studio: everything is neatly arranged, and the posters on the wall are perfectly level and symmetrical, reflecting his orderliness. His extraverted, emotionally stable nature is evident in his continual smile.


Sorting Myself Out

Sorting Myself Out is a YouTube channel dedicated to tracking the efforts of Andrew Joakim to straighten out his life, discipline himself, shed some bad habits, and improve his future. In this video, he straightforwardly and honestly presents his personality pros and cons, focusing to some degree on the lower conscientiousness that has presented an obstacle to his life's progress.


Critical Condition

YouTuber CRITICAL CONDITION took the test itself, live, sharing her spontaneous thoughts as she completed the full set of 100 questions. She briefly and clearly reviews the results. She's very high in agreeableness (exceptionally compassionate and very polite) and in openness to experience, which makes her far more creative and interested in ideas than the typical person...


We hope that these videos have proved engaging and informative, and will post others as they become available.